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Review: Mayer Dolce Cake Maker

Review: Mayer Dolce Cake Maker

Tired of a traditional process of baking OR don't like the whisking method OR short of time to even bake? Fret Not! Mayer has introduced its Mayer Dolce Cake Maker which we tried and tested recently. 

Unlike traditional baking, Mayer's Dolce Cake Maker really offers you hassle free baking. You just need to mix the baking ingredients, pour them into the tin, set the time and just sit and relax. The machine will automatically do the mixing and baking according to the tin's capacity and given time. It comes with 450g and 680g tins with different modes to set for each. It automatically sets the time and does the job for you. You do not need to even learn the science behind baking. How long should it take to bake the cake? Whether the cake is done or not? What should be the right temperature in the oven? What kind of tins to use? All these questions are always there in your mind when you're baking but this machine will definitely clear up all these worries. 
For the cake, we used a simple butter cake mix and added ingredients as instructed. Thanks to Mayer for gifting us this Cake Deco Kit too. It made our job so much easier as opposed to last time when we baked, we used things like baby feeding bottles, rice cooker's cup and even made guesses to get the right quantities-:).
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It took us just 5 min to mix the ingredients and pour it into the tin and start the baking process with a few clicks only. You can either use a 450g or a 680g tin according to the quantities you have. We used the 680g tin to leave some space on top for the cake to expand. 

The machine has a digital display which shows the tin size and some auto program modes to set the machine and time accordingly. It also shows the time remaining too.

Once we started, the machine did everything by itself including the mixing for the first few minutes followed by baking. It took almost an hour to bake the cake but all without any hassle or worries.

  • Fuss-free 7 auto programs: basic cake, brownie, fruit cake, bread, jam, rise and bake
  • Time button to adjust the delay time in bread program
  • Digital control display the cake size, program mode and time remaining
  • Comes with 2 baking tins- 450gm and 68gm (1lb & 1.5lb)
  • ‘Cake size’ button to select your intended size
  • Come with recipes guide in the instruction manual
  • Sleek and compact design

The cake turned out to be soft and close to perfectly baked. It was also well done from inside. No part of it was different from others and the cake was baked quite evenly. The sides got a bit brown but not burnt and above all the cake tasted well, which partially depends upon your recipe too but a cake maker or an oven is equally important. 

If you want easy to bake accessories and like to have an automated style of baking then Mayer Dolce Cake Maker is not a bad option. Rating: 8/10


Mayer's Kids La' Petite Mini Cupcake and Donut Maker
On the other hand, we were also given an opportunity to use one of Mayer's Kids La' Petite Mini Cupcake and Donut Maker.
Apart from us, we also let one of the professional bakers called CnC (Cookies n Cupcakes) by Saira to try it out too. Her son had a great time making the mini-cupcakes and donuts and it was fun, though kids still need supervision as the machine gets hot and has to be carefully handled. It's also too quick in baking i.e. within minutes the mini-cupcakes and donuts are ready but if you miss it then they might burn quickly too
  • With removable dishwasher safe plate
  • Interchangeable to mini donut or mini cup cake plate
  • With self-locking lid for safety
  • With light indicator function
  • Power: 900W
We would not say that this machine Mayer's Kids La' Petite Mini Cupcake and Donut Maker is too good to do the job but yes if you want to have baking fun with kids under supervision then you may want to try this one. Rating: 6.5/10

More information from:
CnC (Cookies n Cupcakes) by Saira is a professional baker of specialty cup cakes, cakes, cookies and cake pops in Singapore. Apart from her famous Elmo Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cookies, Disco-Party Cupcakes, Cookie Pops, Hungry Caterpillar and other cute and yummy theme based bakes, she also caters to the Vegetarian clients and follows egg-less recipes.

Call at T: (65) 94525481 or Email at or visit to know more.
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