Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mini Golf in Singapore

I have grown up as a serious no non-sense golfer where you do not just play golf for fun only but you do have certain aims and ambitions in mind to achieve on the course. You hit one wrong shot means you have to hit at least 100s of more shots of similar kind until you master it. There were only a few people who would pick up this sport. Firstly, it's an expensive hobby. Secondly, it would be associated more with older people due to the slow nature of the play. Thirdly, it gelled well with military chaps in certain parts of the world. However, people like myself simply loved the game though. 

Good that not many years ago, we heard about the new concept of miniature golf famously known as mini-golf which attracted even more people who did not wish to play the actual golf but wanted to have fun on the indoor/outdoor miniature replica of it. There were times when we could at most see artificial putting mats or plastic balls for hitting practice or so but ever since mini-golf concept has evolved we get to see fantastically designed miniature golf courses both indoor and outdoor, in many parts of the world. It's more like putting on the artificial miniature of the actual golfing landscape.

Though we do not have many mini-golf courses in Singapore but we do have some good ones which we could consider going with friends and families.


Lilliputt is an indoor Singapore theme based mini-golf attraction for everyone including the tourists. You can discover Singapore in 18 holes as the course encompasses the city's famous landmarks including Esplanade, Sentosa, Singapore Zoological Gardens and many many others. The facility can accomodate groups of up to 80 people. You can also organize birthday parties or so. 

902 East Coast Parkway, Block B #03-05, Playground @ Big Splash

T: +65 6348 9606

3D Glow Golf at Amazonia
It's an indoor 9 holes glowing mini golf at Amazonia, a fun and entertainment centre where you could not only go for golfing but also explore The Jungle Play Gym, Space Ball, Toddler Play Area and in-house bistro.

Great World City
level 3 Unit #03-08,
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
Singapore , 237994.

T: +65 6235 4522

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