Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Under the sea, Lollibox

LolliBox, a box full of engaging craft projects and educational activities, now offers a new Under the Sea theme to explore and dive deep into the sea.

Have you ever wondered what life is like under the sea? Which animal would you want to be? What type of food would you eat? Become an explorer and dive deep into the ocean to find the answers about sea creatures!

Create – My Mini Aquarium
Develop your kid’s crafting and fine motor skills through creating his/her own mini aquarium, using a plastic jar, vinyl fishes, seashells, glitter, gems and foam shapes. A fun way to explore the habitat which sea animals live in!

Discover – My Fishing Game
Kids get to design and make their own ocean floor, cut and colour their own sea animals, and create their own fishing rod for a good fishing game! All the fishing fun indoors, and a sure-catch fishing session bound to hook their interest!

Enrich – More Fishy Activities!
Carefully selected activities that further stimulate your child’s creativity and understanding of the underwater world! Kids will get involved in a seawater experiment, do the crabby walk, and train their math and manipulative abilities!

Award – Under The Sea Badge
Upon completion of all activities, reinforce your child’s self-confidence and award him/her with our “Under The Sea” badge!

Time to deep dive under the sea and be a little sea explorer! Have a fishing good time!

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