Wednesday 5 June 2013

Review: Mini Squids Sunglasses - A Fashion Statement for Little Peepers!

Mini Squids Sunglasses -  A Fashion Statement for Little Peepers!
Mini Squids are not only UV (Ultraviolet) protected sunshades but also a fashion statement for the little ones! We tested them on our 20 months old baby girl and a 3 years old boy and they simply loved them. How many times we see babies and toddlers wanting to try adult glasses? Well, it surely looks cute to see their glittering eyes and naughty smiles but also at the same time we are worried that they might not be suitable for their eyes and of course they are also too big for their cute little cheeks. Even if there are kiddie sunglasses available they might not be ideal particularly due to the weak quality of lenses. Also, you may not like the typical designs available. 

Kids simply love sunglasses! It is not only for them to play & wear but also to protect their precious eyes from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun

Perfectly designed funky, cool and well-fitted, these colourful Mini Squids sunglasses are for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. Often we see kids not too comfortable with wearing sunshades mainly because it doesn't fit well on them or they don't like the feel but with these ones by Eye Tribe, we can assure you that they will not only love them but also make it a habit to wear them when going for outdoors. "It is also recommended by experts to wear sunglasses from 3 months onwards to prevent against harmful sun damage to young eyes".

Features Highlight:
1. For ages 0-3 years
2. 100% UV protected lenses
3. Water Resistant with high flex frames that float in water
4. Available in 6 vibrant coloursBlue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Red and Silver
5. Comes with PVC pouches in different colours
6. Australian design
If you want something to protect eyes of your little ones from the possible sun damage and at the same time give them a stylish and trendy look then go for Mini Squids (0-3 years) or new Squids (3-10 years). 


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