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From a Cake Maker to an Air Fryer to a Soup Maker, Mayer introduces an exciting range of appliances for the kids and families. 

Mayer Dolce Cake Maker 

This handy fuss-free cake-maker will take the hassle out of baking for aspiring bakers. All mixing and baking are done within its sleek and compact body in a kneading pan. Other than simple cakes, users can explore its seven different programmes and start baking a variety of treats, ranging from delicious fruit cakes and brownies, to even different kinds of fragrant breads and jams. It is available in Pure White or Healthy Green, and comes with small and large baking tins (450g and 680g/1 lb and 1.5lb) to cater to all baking needs.

Mayer Mini Cupcake & Donut Maker
The Mayer Mini Cupcake & Donut Maker whips up bite-sized delectable treats that are perfect for parties and tea time. The non-stick coating on its cooking plate and removable dishwasher safe plate make washing up a breeze. Users can switch easily between baking mini donuts and mini cupcakes with the interchangeable plates, or even whip up tasty Takoyaki Japanese snacks! 

Mayer Kids Tea Cake Maker

Kids who love to cook will enjoy baking with the nifty and fun Mayer Kids Tea Cake Maker! This energy-efficient appliance bakes faster than an oven, and prepares eight tea cakes that are only limited by their imagination and creativity. Its non-stick surface ensures well-baked cakes and minimises mess. 

Mayer Air Fryer
A must-have in the modern kitchen, the stylish Mayer Air Fryer utilises high-speed air circulation technology to brown and crisp foods without copious amounts of oil and allows one to enjoy dishes like chicken wings, nuggets, fish and chips in a healthier way. Its 30-minute timer ensures precise cooking and affords users the safety and luxury of time away from a traditional deep-fryer. Its temperature insulation pad also allows for safe and easy handling in the kitchen. 

Mayer Delice Soup Maker
The Mayer Soup Maker is a versatile and powerful blender that prepares everything safely from start to finish in its durable thick glass jar. Its four blending speeds and pulse function is coupled with the availability of three heat settings (High, Low, and Simmer) to accommodate a repertoire of wholesome soups (clear or creamy), yogurt smoothies, and fruit juices. All you have to do is just put the ingredients in the jar and let it do the cooking. It even has a stir function for sautéing and mixing of soups, and automatically keeps its contents warm for up to 40 minutes after cooking. Hasten the cleaning up with its non-stick cooking plate and detachable stainless steel blade for a quick rinse and wipe-down after usage. 

Mayer Rice Cooker

Cooking is made easier for busy professionals and homemakers with the user-friendly and compact Mayer Rice Cooker that comes with seven cooking functions (White Rice, Congee, Brown Rice, Baby Food, Reheat, Soup, Keep Warm). More than just a rice cooker, it can prepare baby food and soups, and can be programmed to cook white or brown rice perfectly. Available in a white, pleasing design, it has a large LED panel for easy one-touch operation. The non-stick inner pot is easy to wash and the swing handle makes it easy to carry. It also automatically switches to ‘Keep-Warm’ mode when the cooking process is complete.  

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