Monday, 28 October 2013

Thinkertoyland™ (Let’s Play Create!™) now in Singapore!

Let’s Play Create!™

Introducing Thinkertoyland™, a unique and versatile construction set that will keep children engaged because the possibilities of what they can create are endless.  

The connectable components offer absolutely open-ended play for children to build a tangible product that originates from their imagination. It brings inventive play to a whole new level as it allows kids to construct toys that actually work and even move!  Fancy building a mini merry-go-round that spins, a tow truck that lifts and a windmill that works with gears?  Yet another idea for a new toy?  Dismantle and create another one!  Let your imagination take flight – Let’s Play Create!™

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Thinkertoyland™ is a toy that will grow up with a child.  While a pre-schooler will benefit from imaginative building, an older child can experiment with what they learn in science and engineering using the construction set.  Even adults can find therapeutic comfort in creation. 

It is a great educational tool that helps to:

  • build the strength and flexibility of a young child’s hands and wrists,
  • improve motor skills,
  • encourage creativity and imagination
  • Kick-start critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • and facilitates team work and social skills through creating and building together.
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