Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stickerkid: Name Tags, Labels and Stickers

Getting your kids ready for the new year in school?
Looking for name tags and personalized labels & stickers for their belongings? 

Fret Not! Super Mommies & Daddies blog brings you to a perfect solution in StickerKid for your school going little munchkins. You will not even have to worry about losing their personal belongings as well as identifying them among the lot.
Very often, we receive enquiries from Schools especially from Preschools, Kindergartens and Child Care Centres to put labels and name tags on kids' uniform, water bottles, bags, stationery and other belongs not only for identification purposes but also to prevent them from losing. Sometimes, we are also not aware whether such things are available or not and therefore, we try to make hand-made name tags which might look good but then may not be as perfect as these hassle-free professionally printed ones. Hand-made ones might just keep on falling off as well as the print washes out too.
Being parents of two young kids, we also received a request from their preschool to do so and luckily, we had StickerKid labels in hands. They are funky, colourful, durable, washable and even they are good for microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, water, sun and sand too. We tested them and it worked! The glue doesn't come out too. They also go beyond schools and are quite useful for group picnics, play dates as well as kids' camps. Even so our son had a school concert as well school field trips to use these labels for. They are also perfect for toys too!
Above all, you can design your own personalized set of labels and stickers using a variety of colours and themes such as Super Heroes, Vehicles, Animals, Creatures & Monsters, Smileys, Sports and more.

Besides, we were also quite impressed to receive excellent quality stickers and iron-on labels all the way from Switzerland. They are quite simple and easy to use too. We have them on kids accessories for almost 10 days and even after washing and scrubbing they are still on and look good too.
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Stickerkid is a Swiss company headed by Doerthe and Christian, a couple in their 30s whose circle of friends and their children have taught them all about the difficulty of trying to keep track of a child's little belongings. The company was founded in 2004 and has printed millions of labels for more than 100.000 parents.

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