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ACT 3 International’s ‘Children-for-Children’ project - AFCC Singapore 2015

ACT 3 International’s ‘Children-for-Children’ project Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2015 

3 to 5 June 2015 
National Library Building

ACT 3 International, Singapore’s leading Arts company dedicated to the young, is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural ‘Children-for-Children’ project, an ongoing initiative to present theatre by the young for the young in public spaces. Officially incorporated in May 2015, it focuses on collaborative work among experienced ACT 3 International Drama Educators, and primary and secondary school children.

Kicking off the series are six short works based on stories written by Singaporean authors and adapted by ACT 3 International to incorporate various theatrical styles such as Chinese opera, dramatic readings as well as choral and dance movement.

All are welcome to watch the six pieces that will showcase different facets of Singapore culture on stage. Excerpts will also be showcased during the official opening of AFCC 2015 on 30 May 2015.

1. Fun at the Opera by Susanna Goho-Quek Presented by Zhonghua Secondary School 4 and 5 June 2015, 11am and 4pm, 10 minutes, English and Mandarin

A heart-warming tale about a little boy and his family going to the opera to watch his brother perform, the piece will involve masks and movement inspired by Chinese opera.

2. Emma’s Elephant by Dave Seow Presented by Commonwealth Secondary School 4 and 5 June 2015, 11am and 4pm, 10 minutes, English

This story touches on themes of friendship and animal conservation as Emma and Ella the elephant embark on an adventure together. The cast will be using choral speaking as a key dramatic technique.

3. Juno by Lynette Wan Presented by Greendale Secondary School 3 June, 11am, 10 minutes, English

This piece of physical theatre with plenty of body improvisations is about the fictitious seed- collecting tree people or kummies and Juno, the kummy that stands out for his ability to think out of the box.

4. Where is My Home? by Nur-El-Hudaa Jaffar Presented by Horizon Primary School 3 June, 11am and 4pm, 10 minutes, English and Malay

Callie the cat gets lost but finds herself as she encounters different animals in the forest and learns to appreciate the value of home. Verses will be chanted in dikir barat style – a traditional Malay musical form, while movements will be in the style of wayang kulit, or traditional Malay puppetry.

5. The Forest Fable by Gelyn Ong Presented by Bukit View Primary School 4 June, 11am and 4pm, 10 minutes, English

An enchanting fable about Mother Nature and conservation that will be presented on stage through verse and soundscapes that use different objects, as well as the voice and body.

6. The Snail Who Didn’t Want His Shell by R Chandran Presented by ACT 3 Drama Academy 3 and 5 June, 11am and 4pm, 10 minutes, English and Tamil

Senthil Snail loves to race and forgoes his shell in order to move quickly. He will soon learn that his shell is much more valuable than he first believed it to be. The cast will adopt a storytelling style of presentation with props.

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Credits: ACT3 International and AFCC
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