Monday, 5 October 2015

National Gallery Singapore!

National Gallery Singapore To Open Region’s First Art Education Centre for Young Visitors

A new immersive learning facility at the National Gallery Singapore will soon open to give young visitors more reasons to cultivate their interest in art. The activities will form the core of the purpose-built Centre, where families can extend their art journey from the gallery spaces into another seamless world of interactive, hands-on art exploration.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education will be the first of its kind in the region to provide young visitors the opportunity to access original artwork, handle art tools, select artworks, write labels and conduct exhibition tours for their peers through experiential learning and role-play in masterclasses led by artists and educators. Through this unique visitor experience and other art-making and active learning programmes, the Gallery hopes to encourage curiosity, imagination and thoughtfulness among young audiences, ultimately enriching art education in Singapore and enabling more visitors from all walks of life to appreciate art.
Based on the three board principles of Learning about Art, Learning from Art and Learning through Art, the Keppel Centre for Art Education will feature art commissions that are purposefully designed to stimulate the imagination of younger audiences, based on the belief that every person is born creative:
  •   Art Corridor – Young children will be invited to touch, explore and change the look of artworks through interacting with moveable elements. Highly tactile and visually impactful, the Art Corridor provides a unique interactive art experience that may be enjoyed not only by very young visitors, but by visitors of all ages.

  •  Art Playscape – Inspired by the idea of "entering a painting", Art Playscape develops curiosity and imagination through active play, movement and discovery for young visitors. Through different adventure trails, visitors uncover hidden stories. Mysteries, unexpected surprises and fantastical characters await the most curious visitor.

  •  Project Gallery – Designed as an immersive and contemplative environment, the Project Gallery invites visitors to use art to imagine creative solutions to real world issues. Visitors can also display their art pieces in the Project Gallery as part of the collaborative learning process that connects their creative ideas with the artist’s artworks.
Children’s Museum – Visitors to the Children’s Museum will gain insight into the creative process of different artists in an environment inspired by their respective studios. Through experiential learning and role-play, young visitors will learn to select artworks, write labels and conduct exhibition tours for their peers.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education is slated to open together with the Gallery on 24 November this year. Located on the ground floor of the City Hall Wing, the Centre is easily accessible to schools and families with young children. Admission to the Centre is free.

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