Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stay At Home Working Mums

Many women choose to work from home once they start their families. Of course, you do take a tough decision and it's quite challenging but being a mother of a 4 months old baby and a 2 years old toddler, I find it to be the perfect work-life balance. Not only, I could add on to my profession but also enjoy the most memorable moments with my kids.

Waking up with the most beautiful smiles ever; making a toddler ready for school; managing both kids together while dropping the elder one off and ensuring with teachers to make things go well; juggling coming back home while the other baby cries out loud with hunger or sleep or something else you can't think of; opening up work while multitasking; managing feeding and nap times; thinking of business strategies and at the same time, making plans for kids play dates; capturing memorable moments; going out for business meetings; spending time with husband; aspiring to follow hobbies and having uncountable sleepless nights & busy days are what make my life full of joyful moments, a plethora of challenges and sometimes disappointments.

Working from home really doesn't mean working at home, you could go out, have a cup of coffee, meet friends, professionals and work while on the move. You will be surprised to see so many others alike you!

You are your own boss! Easy to say but difficult to practice though. Every second, every minute and every hour is a challenge for you.

Being a Stay At Home Working Mum, you really need to prioritize your daily activities. You may not be able to commit full time to work and hence get less gains & bucks but you do have 24/7 with your kids which justifies your efforts and obligations towards the best nurture of your family. It is certainly not possible to be a "Super Mom or Dad" but at least you will never have a guilt in the end.

At times, you do feel you are wasting your degrees, it's tough running a business, being an entrepreneur or a mumpreneur is not a child's play, corporate jobs are much easier but at the same time your thoughts, emotions and feelings towards your children outweigh your professional aspirations. No matter how successful you are in your profession, that will never be as fulfilling as spending time with your kids and family. Whether you are a working stay at home mum or just a stay at home mum, you will never regret your time taken-off with the family. After all, time flies, kids grow up fast and the time gone never comes back! Do take advantage of your beautiful present and that you are surrounded with the most beautiful and innocent babblers, chatterboxes, cuddlers, tantrum masters and little bundles of energy!

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