Thursday, 26 April 2012

Genius R Us : Kidz can bake, Tots can bake, Kidz can craft! workshops & parties

Genius R Us! Of course, the new generations are much more smarter and genius than the previous ones. They would do the same stuff as toddlers what we could do as slightly older kids. I remember, we got hooked into technology in high school and today, even a 2 years toddler would operate & learn these gadgets even better & faster than many adults. Likewise, you can't underestimate them when it comes to cooking or baking as in obviously the kiddy stuff:).

Kidz can bake! Tots can bake! Kidz can craft! a whole new variety of workshops & birthday parties place. Bringing out the Genius in children through playing, creative learning and self-discovery is what Genius R Us is all about.

From birthday party packages to workshops and the latest, you could just log on to to register and know more.

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