Monday, 2 April 2012

Wild Wild Wet : Water theme park

On the way back from my son's school to home this afternoon, I met my friend and her family leaving for Wild Wild Wet. I could see the kids already excited and ready for splashing gun battles and more:). Considering Singapore's everyday weather, this seems to be an ideal destination to battle the heat and yet having fun.

Wild Wild Wet is Singapore's largest water theme park featuring 9 distinctive rides and other attractions for the family. Starting from ULAR-LAH (first raft-slide in SEA) to the WATER WORKS (the high-speed flume ride that makes a maze look like child's play) to SLIDE-UP (four-storey ramp, accelerating until you hit the deck and skimming across to soar on the opposite side) to TSUNAMI (combines the best of swimming pools and the sea to give you the excitement of the surf under controlled conditions) to the relaxing JACUZZI (Fluid jets to rub and ease the kinks in your muscles plus a bubbly massage that soothes your aches), Wild Wild Wet seems like a perfect holiday spot for the kids. This venue is also available for the birthday parties!


1 Pasir Ris Close, Wild Wild Wet, Singapore 519599
T: 65819128
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