Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventurous Fun at Mega Zip, Adventure Park

Do you want to Fly on a MegaZip, three-wire zip....or do wall climbing....or go for a 50 foot free-fall parachute jump or master the 3 level high ropes course......with kids...???:)...scared? Well, like iFly Singapore, Flight Simulators and other stuff, you could do this too safely, at the Adventure Park, with kids at Sentosa Island.

There is a weight and height restriction for all participants. Young children, within the range, can be securely harnessed to or tagged along with mums & dads.

Other adventures offered are: 
ParaJump: 50-foot freefall parachute jump 
ClimbMax: 3 level, high ropes course, 40 feet off the ground
NorthFace: 16m climbing wall

According to them, all these adventures are safe for over 8 years old and under 120kg. For all other information and enquiries, you may want to visit

Megazip Adventure Park 
Imbiah Hill Road, Sentosa Island Singapore

T: (+65) 6884 5602 

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