Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Singapore Soccer Academy (for 4-15 years old)

Penalties, Throw-ins, Kicks, Substitutes, Yellow Card, Fouls, Red Card and so much more you get to hear on a Soccer or a Football field. Per an image below, we can see that most countries recognize this sport as football and only in the USA, they call it soccer. Well, whichever language or country you represent, the game will still stay the same :). This was a bit about the game itself but our purpose today is to let you know of this SINGAPORE SOCCER ACADEMY, which is offering soccer programs for 4 years to 15 years old children, both indoor and outdoor programs located at different venues. 
They claim to have well-trained coaches and develop sportsmanship, social skills & build confidence among children.

It doesn't seem to be too expensive as apart from the registration fee, you have to pay $25 per weekday session and $30 per weekend session. You may want to confirm with the academy as well as the charges and schedules are subject to change.
For a free trial and teaching soccer to children, call Zorke at 92463934 or Coach Kali at 96694009 or Coach Stephen at 91826014

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