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Celebrations at Gardens by the Bay, August - October 2013, Singapore

Celebrations at Gardens by the Bay
From August to November, Gardens by the Bay celebrates National Day and the festivals of Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival and Deepavali with a series of changing floral displays in the Flower Dome themed “Celebrations!”.

Hari Raya & National Day
“Celebrations!” kicks off with a red-and-white Hari Raya themed floral display which also ties in with National Day. The floral display not only showcases a variety of flora such as orchids, roses and begonias, but also features the five stars of the national flag. Complementing the display are traditional Malay celebratory ornaments such as the Bunga Telur and Bunga Manggar. Of the flowers featured in the display, the orchids are commonly associated with Singapore while roses have traditionally been used by the Malay community in combination with Pandan leaves and other fragrant flowers to make Bunga Rampai, an aromatic confetti given out during times of celebration.
For local residents, there will also be a $4.80 discount on local admission tickets to the cooled conservatories from 7 to 11 August.

In August, Garden Series, in collaborating with several local schools will be held in series of free performances in the Gardens over two weekends. 

Mid-Autumn Festival
In September, the flower field will undergo another change in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, also commonly known as Lantern Festival. Flowers and lanterns will take centre stage, with “lantern flowers” like Fuchsias and Abutilons sitting alongside autumn-blooms such as Chrysanthemums and Goldenrods

From mid-October to early November, the Gardens will celebrate Deepavali with a floral display inspired by the colourful kolam, a traditional Indian decorative art. Vibrant colours of purple and orange from flowers like Amaranths, Cone Flowers and Cockscombs will be complemented by Indian fabric lanterns, lamps and carved wooden elephants, bringing “Celebrations!” to a befitting close with a floral tapestry of colour!

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W: www.gardensbythebay.com.sg

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