Thursday, 1 August 2013

Traditional Five-Stones Set by DOT, Children's Day 2013, Singapore

Traditional Five-Stones Set by Daughters Of Tomorrow

Children are increasingly exposed to and reliant on technology even at an early age these days. Prevalent health risks can arise from poor sitting positions and eye strain. Social problems like gaming addiction and cyber bullying are also risks associated with technology.             

Children are constantly looking for new toys and ideas to play with. 
Instead of purchasing the latest smartphone game application, Daughters of Tomorrow (DoT) is offering parents a tangible and meaningful Children’s Day gift that helps develop a child’s hand-eye coordination as well as psychomotor skills!

Stones Sets are sewn by women beneficiaries working with DoT 
in Singapore. Each set purchased provides much needed income to 
a family in need.

Aside from bringing back old memories of traditional games, this toy lets parents share their very own childhood experience with their children, creating an opportunity for a child and parent to have fun together and bond over.

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