Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ACT 3 International presents ‘Jelly, Wobble!’

ACT 3 International presents ‘Jelly, Wobble!’ 
ION Art Gallery, Level 4, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn 
30 May to 7 June 2015 (For 4 - 8 years old)
Daily 10.30am to 12pm or 4pm to 5.30pm 

Interactive art exhibitions, show, drama workshop and visual arts activities!
Taking inspiration from ‘The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble’ by Angela Mitchell, a light-hearted tale of Princess Lolly, who is holding an 89th birthday banquet and is presented with a stubborn jelly that refuses to wobble! The story’s underlying theme of challenging status quo and stereotypes is depicted through wacky situations, funny anecdotes as well as descriptive language. Its vivid text also serves as a perfect backdrop to create a myriad of arts-related adventures, making it a conducive setting for children to play, dream, create and make believe. 

T: +65 6735 9986
E: act3int@act3international.com.sg
W: www.act3international.com.sg 

Note: For information only
Credits: ACT3 International



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