Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Big Bully, 25 - 30 May 2015

The Big Bully
25 - 30 May 2015
For 8 years and below

Hungry Brush is a Big Bully. He is always hungry and bullying kids by snatching their food away without asking politely. One day, Pan and Sponge decided to go picnic and met Hungry Brush on the bridge that they were crossing. The Big Bully, Hungry Brush, extorted money from Pan and Sponge before letting them crossed the bridge. Pan and Sponge decided to stand up for themselves and defy Hungry Brush’s order. Will Pan and Sponge succeed? Is Hungry Brush going to learn his lesson and stop being a Big Bully?

Join us in this little fun and creative musical adventure were you get to see how the daily household items come to life! Children will be given an opportunity to let their imagination run free and parents can learn how to transform recycle materials at home to props that they can use to share meaningful stories with their children.

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Credits: Paper Monkey Theatre Singapore



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