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KidZania, the world’s fastest growing family edutainment phenomenon, unveiled its town planning strategy for KidZania Singapore. Districts will be set up within the kid-sized city to group establishments based on the nature of the establishments and role-play activities. The decision is based on the concept of zoning, one of the common techniques adopted by urban planners in most developed countries. 
Designed to be best suited for children aged 4 and above, KidZania Singapore complements school learning experiences through realistic role-play. Kids will have the option to choose among a diverse range of over 80 role-playing activities within KidZania Singapore. Town planners in KidZania Singapore have created various Districts for the establishments, mirroring realistic urban planning techniques.
Districts in KidZania Singapore:

  • Automotive
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Industrial
  • Public Services
  • Private Services
  • Retail
  • Sports
  • RestaurantsFood and Beverage establishments will be located throughout the city. 

Strong Corporate Support for KidZania Singapore Leading up to its targeted opening, KidZania Singapore updated that 10 new industry partners will set up establishments within the city. With 32 partners to date working hand in hand with KidZania Singapore and its child development experts, kids will be able to glean skills and values such as financial literacy, team work and independence as well as develop life skills, creative thinking and self-esteem. 

The various professions that children can experience are:
Automotive - Be a petrol station manager at an Esso Petrol Station and help fill up vehicles for customers. Kids can learn more about the different types of fuels used to power vehicles on our roads, and the importance of good customer service.

Culture and Entertainment – Be a Museum curator and docent at The Intan, Singapore’s first private Peranakan home museum. Appreciate the traditional Peranakan culture by curating galleries that focus on iconic Peranakan elements such as the sarong kebaya, nyonya porcelain and Peranakan tile architecture, and proudly share Singapore’s rich Peranakan identity with visitors through the galleries and exhibits. 
Industrial - Be a Health Institute Researcher at Lifebuoy and learn the intricacies of soap making along with the importance of hand hygiene through firsthand experience of making their very own soap. 
Be an ice cream maker and mix delicious flavours and ingredients at the Paddle Pop Ice Cream Factory. Kids will learn about nutritionally responsible snacking before enjoying yummy treats. 

Public Services - Be a surgeon and perform a delicate kidney transplant operation in a fully furnished operating theatre at the city’s very own Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and learn important health practices. 

Be a radiologist at the Toshiba CT scan room, and analyse scan results while operating a functional CT scan machine, and learn the importance of early detection. 

As a junior nurse at Johnson & Johnson’s nursery, kids are tasked to take care of newborn babies, learn the basics of diaper change, baby massage techniques and the benefits of baby moisturisers. 
Retail - Mini fashionistas become fashion gurus at the Camouflage Fashion Boutique as they learn how to curate their own fashion style, and gain confidence by modelling their handpicked outfits in a fashion show. 
Be a Traditional BBQ meat specialist and discover the secret recipe that goes into the age-old process of making one of Singapore’s best loved traditional snacks at Lim Chee Guan Traditional BBQ Meat Store. 

Private Services - Learn the importance of having protection and savings plans to help other kids take care of themselves and their loved ones as a financial services consultant at AIA Insurance. 
Sports – Be a telematch participant, footballer, cheerleader or even commentator at one of the few stadiums available in KidZanias world-wide. Kids can take part in an array of different activities from telematches to football games with AIA at the Stadium.

KidZania Singapore is currently in the midst of discussion with more companies and is open to exploring collaborations with partners in the automotive, public services, retail, sports and private services sectors. Previously announced partners are: 7-Eleven, Abbott, Camp Challenge, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, KFC, Killiney Kopitiam, Kiss92, Maybank, Nanyang Optical, Nickelodeon, PictureAir, Pizza Hut, Sticky, Spritzer, Sunstar, The Learning Lab, The Soup Spoon, Warung M Nasir, WTS Travel and Yakult.
In addition, KidZania Singapore announced 10 new partnerships today, bringing the total number of partners to 32 as the theme park continues to explore partnerships ahead of its targeted opening by the end of 2015. The theme park also unveiled their partnership with the Singapore Children’s Society as its CSR Partner, as part of KidZania Singapore’s efforts to give back to the local community. 

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