Monday, 26 March 2012

Creating a blog store: blog + online store for mum/dad-preneurs

We often come across many people especially stay-at-home mumpreneurs running businesses from home and their means of marketing is usually through word-of-mouth or social networks or good will or other possible ways which are easily managed from home. They have the talent, they have the product but the only thing missing may be a shop or an outlet. Physical setup might not be feasible but starting a blogshop or an online store with a blog might not be a bad option though. You could not only engage people on to your blog but also sell your stuff online to the similar target market. Also, the setup cost will be significantly lower and the overall business turnover might increase. You will also have a liberty to run business irrespective of any physical location.

We have many such blogshop success stories and according to and, there are almost 4000+ blogshops for shoppers in Singapore. From kids stuff to accessories to apparels to food to footwear, you could virtually have a blog shop for any items of your choice. You might be thinking about ways of creating one so here we have shortlisted a few for your convenience. These blog shop makers are easy to use and you can create customized store fronts according to your requirements.


Interesting video on how to convert a wordpress blog into a shop with ShopperPress:





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cristina said...

We love Singapore blogshop and found many goodies there. We really like, it is not free but much better than free sites and still very cheap. Works for my son.

Super Mommies & Daddies on 27 March 2012 at 03:01 said...

Great. We wish your son a pleasant online learning experience. Keep visiting us! Thx


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