Tuesday, 13 March 2012

iDADs for Life, Dads & Kids together, Singapore

You will notice quite a number of mother & baby/kids blogs and portals or at most the overall parenting resources online but it is rare that we find something exclusively for the dads, whose participation towards the nurture of their kids are as important as the mums. How they bring work life balance and how they can become responsible fathers and be role models for their kids are often the questions asked.

iDads for Life (DadsforLife.sg) seems like a fantastic platform for dads to get involved in the precious lives of their children. It's a focal point for all activities of the national Dads for Life movement to inspire and involve all Dads to play a more active role in their children’s lives for life. It seeks to enable fathers in Singapore and Singaporean fathers around the world to communicate with and support one another in their growth as Dads.

Be a part of Dad's community, attend events and transform lives being a SUPER DAD!.

For more information: http://dadsforlife.sg

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