Friday, 23 March 2012

Yummy Home-Made Bakes: CnC by Saira

It's a Pakistan Day when we commemorate the Lahore Resolution passed 23rd March 1940 to form a new nation in the sub-continent and 23rd March 1956 when Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic state in the world. Over the years, we have seen Pakistan growing and producing one of the best talents in the world. One such is Saira Bano, who's a home-maker and a fantastic baker behind CnC (Cookies n Cupcakes) by Saira in Singapore.

Saira has been offering specialty cup cakes, cakes, cookies and cake pops (being her latest obsession) for the past 2 years. Apart from her famous Elmo Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cookies, Disco-Party Cupcakes, Cookie Pops, Hungry Caterpillar and other cute and yummy theme based bakes, she also caters to the Vegetarian clients and follows egg-less recipes.

Chocolate devil's (eggless)

Cupcakes: $2.40 to $5.50/ each
Cookies: $1.80 to $3/ each
Cakes: $50 to (per your requirements)
Cake Pops : $3 to $5/ each
These above prices are inclusive of packaging.

Note: Both Fondant and Buttercream are used. However, fondant being the gourmet ingredient will cost a bit more than the buttercream.

(Note: Other flavours offered per requirements)