Monday, 16 July 2012

Saltimbanco, Cirque Du Soleil in Singapore

Wow!!! They're coming to Singapore!!!!! From the house of Cirque Du Soleil, Saltimbanco, "saltare in banco", means "to jump on a bench", starting 26th July to 5th Aug 2012, is bringing exciting characters and acts to Singapore.

THE BARON (ageless, timeless with fascinating tales of the past)
THE EDDIE (clown)
THE CHILD (as the name suggests)
THE DREAMER (lives between reality and illusion)
THE RINGMASTER (believes to have great powers and controls)
THE CAVALIERS (gentle protectors)
MULTI-COLORED WORMS (simplest of all beings)
MASKED WORMS (faces without names)
THE BAROQUES (celebrating life)
LA BELLE (reflecting human emotions)

ADAGIO (acrosport)
CHINESE POLES (climbing on chinese poles)
JUGGLING (juggler with the balls)
BOLEADORAS (twirling boleadoras in the air)
RUSSIAN SWING (swing performance)
DUO TRAPEZE (swaying on a trapeze)
HAND TO HAND (power with sense of balance)
BUNGEES (bungees swinging)

What a wonderful way of representing life through fun, acts, characters and music!

VENUE: Singapore Indoor Stadium
2 Stadium Walk, 
Singapore 297691
T: +65  6348 5555

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