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A bumper crop of workshops (Nov-Dec 2012) for 3 to 15 year olds!

A bumper crop of workshops for 3 to 15 year olds!

19 to 23 and 26 to 30 November 2012 
3 to 7 and 10 to 14 December 2012

2pm - 5 pm

ACT 3 Drama Academy, a well-recognised art company offering enrichment programmes for the young, will be presenting its November-December Holiday Workshop based on enchanting tales of kings, queens, princes and princesses.

Five-day workshops will take place and at the end of each workshop, participants will get the priceless opportunity to present themselves in a showcase before their parents. Apart from being inspired by drama, children and teens will also hone their communication, social and sensory skills. They will also learn to retell stories with dramatic tools, as well as develop confidence, self-expression and inter-personal skills.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
3 & 4 years old

This delightfully surrealist script will enthral the very young with its enchanted characters like the Sugar Plum Fairy and Snow Queen as well as meaningful themes such as love, friendship, courage and dreams. 

Synopsis: Based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's Nutcracker and Mouse King (1816), this tale is set on Christmas Eve, when a little girl falls asleep after a party at her home and dreams herself (or does she?) into a fantastic world where toys become larger than life. 

If the Shoe Fits
5 to 7 years old

Based on a popular classic – Cinderella – but just a touch more playful, this parody will have audiences cracking up in no time. 

Synopsis: Prince Owen is depressed. He’s ready to go to college and study computers (After all, the Kingdom of Kravitz is the only kingdom without a webpage!), but tradition dictates that he attend a ball in honour of his graduation and choose a bride. All the eligible girls in the kingdom will be there, including the Royal Fan Club. Will the prince marry Cinderella, who just wants to get away from her wicked stepmother’s house and study music? Or will the evil Valda, with the help of the Python Gang, successfully kidnap the prince and replace him with a mechanical duplicate? 

The Prince Who Wouldn’t Grow
8 to 10 years old

Children will be thrilled with the opportunity to learn the art of slapstick comedy and comedic timing in this side-splitting play.

Synopsis: What about the Prince who wouldn’t grow?  Well, the King calls in all his experts to solve the problem — Appen De Cidas, the royal physician; Ledger De Main, the magician; Miss Information, the royal school teacher and even that famous soldier, General Retreat.  But who finally supplies the cure?  None other than the Court Jester, who doesn’t turn out to be such a "fool" after all, for he also wins the hand of the beautiful Princess April in the bargain.  

4 AM
11 to 15 years old

This thought-provoking script is one that seeks to reveal another side of human nature. Teens will develop the imagination and creativity, as well as be more aware of issues such as relationships, popularity, peer pressure and bullying. 

Synopsis: What's it like to be awake when the rest of your world is asleep?  Meet an early-morning jogger, a radio DJ whose show may have an audience of none, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the author of a most unusual letter, and many other teen characters as they search for connection in the magic hour. Through a series of connected scenes and monologues, join them on their journey as they discover whether the monster under the bed is real and collectively wonder... is there anybody out there?

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ACT 3 Drama Academy
ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre, 126 Cairnhill Road

T: (65) 6735 9986

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