Friday, 2 November 2012

An Eco Carnival at City Square Mall, 3rd Nov 2012

City Square Mall - the first eco-mall in Singapore will be ushering in an eco-Christmas, with an eco-Carnival on 3 November (12pm – 7pm), showcasing 12 unique Christmas trees made out of recycled plastic bottles, created by students enrolled in the Diploma in Landscape Architecture course at Singapore Polytechnic. The public can vote for three of their favourite designs, and the best design will be selected by a panel of judges, which will then be built into a spectacular 5-metre tall tree made out of used plastic bottles collected from Millenium & Copthorne International Limited, and will be on display from mid-November till 30 December.   

The carnival on 3 November, will be held at the Fountain Square on Basement 1with specially-constructed carnival game booths where recycled materials will be used as game props, such as:

Ring the Bottle: Using recycled glass bottles, players will toss a ring and try to hoop it onto a glass bottle.

Table Bowling: Replacing the pins with recycled plastic bottles, players will roll a ball onto the lane and try to hit all the pins down.

Save the Egg: Using recycled billiard poles, players will get to move a plastic egg along two poles to get them from one end to another, without dropping them.

Craft Making Eco-Workshops: Students of Singapore Polytechnic will guide the public and children in making interesting handicrafts using recycled materials. 

With an aim to showcase creative eco-conscientious efforts among the youth, there will also be an exhibition showcasing landscape projects to create greater awareness about environmental consciousness, by students from Singapore Polytechnic. Children can also look forward to receiving eco-colouring bags which they can decorate and take home!

Fountain Square, B1

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road, #01-06 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
T: +65 6333 3322

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