Friday, 5 July 2013

MELANCHOLY PLAY BY SARAH RUHL, 25 - 28 July 2013, Singapore

For Super Mommies & Daddies (adults only)!
Directed by Jasdeep Singh Gill
25 - 28 July 2013
“Why are you like an almond?” 

Melancholy Play challenges the traditional conception of melancholia and depression in its whimsical world, where everyone falls in love with a depressed girl but falls out of love with her when she becomes ‘cured’ of her depression.  

They explore what it means to be truly melancholy – so what if people prefer looking out windows in nostalgia and sticking their hands in the rain forlornly? In this world of separated twins, Italian psychiatrists and invisible cello players, Melancholy Play will show how each and every one of us should be like an almond.

Written by two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Ruhl, this charmingly offbeat production will bring you on a wild ride, leaving you perplexed, intrigued, but always wanting for more.
Venue: Drama Centre, Black Box, National Library Board, Level 5

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