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The Kidz Parade : An Edutainment Magazine

The Kidz Parade is an edutainment magazine for the children by the children based in Singapore. Most of the content in the magazine is written and illustrated by children of ages 7-13 years old. Power of self-expression is the idea behind this magazine.

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It serves as a fantastic platform for children to showcase their talents and get inspired by the published works of their peers. It also promises to keep parents and teachers in the know.
  • One child gets published, 100 other children get the motivation and inspiration to perform better.
  • It would be a wonderful gift to present to any child on his or her big day. Just fill in the subscriber as the child and the 'gift from' as your name.
  • Science, technology and enterprises start from imagination. Give them the power of imagination.
  • It is an educational magazine that makes children to read, write, think, discuss and articulate without the children even realizing that they are learning.
The Kidz Parade is a bi-monthly magazine in online and print format with children, parents and teachers. It showcases content with the local touch with an international appeal.

Tips and Tricks: A column for teachers, parents and experts to share some of the tips and tricks for children. E.g. ‘How to Speak up in class’ by a respected UWC teacher in Jul/Aug issue.

Finance Parade: A column with the financial literacy lessons for children in a fun and entertaining way.

Reviewer’s Parade: A section in which children can write and share reviews such as movies, gadgets, websites, games and of course books. 

Museum Parade: A space about behind-the-scene stories from various museums and their artifacts. Museum curators, other adults or children can contribute here.

Science & Nature Parade: A section for nature and science. E.g. a 13 year old talking about deforestation and the organization ACRES’s article on native animals of Singapore.

Destination Parade: A getaway section for kids to write about interesting aspects and stories from their travels. In the last issue, 11-year-old shared about his experiences in Sovereign Hill in the form of a poem.

Thought Parade: A forum where children can write about their viewpoints on time relevant topics. like ‘My National Day’ in our Jul/Aug issue and a debate on water rationing in our Sep/Oct issue.

Letters to the editor: Children can share their experiences, suggestions and feedback, in the letter form, related to the magazine. Best letters are published!

Some of the sensitive topics like cyber safety, bullying etc. are presented in the form of comic strips so that it is easier for the kids to understand it.

Career Parade: A signature interview series where children interview people from different professions to introduce careers. This will help children to know about various jobs and the parents and the teachers will be able to guide children in the right direction.

Apart from the above, there are stories, poems and articles written and illustrated by children 

There are activities given at the end of every section. These activities will enable children to think, act, discuss and articulate.

Overall, the magazine encourages co-reading whereby parents/teachers and children can read together as it provides a lot of avenues for discussions. Also, wherever there is a need for an illustration, it is a young illustrator who gets the opportunity to do that.

  • A discount of $6 for 6 issues and $14 for 12 issues for the first 50 subscribers from this page. Our readers will pay only $22.20 for 6 issues and $42.20 for 12 issues.
  • Subscribers get complementary subscription to e-magazine during the print magazine subscription period
  • Subscribers get priority seats for workshops and talent hunts
  • 30% discounts on the workshops registration fee

Children, parents and teachers can also send a sample of their works at

For subscriptions and more information:

T: +65 6514 3463

Note: Information and content from the parent source and respective websites. It is for informational purposes only.



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