Thursday, 7 November 2013

PLAYtime! Hello Yasmin, Feb 2013

PLAYtime! Hello Yasmin
Directed by Ian Loy

19 – 23 Feb 2014, Wed – Sun
25 – 27 Feb 2014, Tue – Thu

Esplanade Recital Studio

When she’s asked about things that grow,
Yasmin smiles because she knows.
She thinks of seeds, all hard and smooth,
and how they change and grow.
Plant a seed into the ground,
and watch it sprout from the mound.
First comes roots then come leaves,
and soon enough you’ll see trees.
If you’re lucky, flowers bloom,
and the air is filled with sweet perfume!
Isn’t it amazing how things grow?
Some grow fast, some grow slow.
Some grow up and some grow WHOAH!
Come outdoors with our dear Yasmin,
and be amazed by how things grow! 

Tickets from Sistic (W: T: +65 6348 5555)

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