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Review: Grimm's Fairy Tales, 1 to 17 November 2013


Grimm's Fairy Tales, a musical, fun and an inspirational approach to producing magical words of wisdom through the world of story telling. From the simple messages of hunger, poverty, fear of abandonment and survival through Hensel & Gretel to a sense of hope for Rapunzel to an act of self-confidence & bravery by The Valient Little Tailor, this production beautifully covers nine classic short moral stories through a 90 min performance based on songs, music, sounds, masks, puppets and humour with an extra 15 min interval in between. Teemed with beasts, heroes, princesses, villains and mysteries, it's a theatre production NOT TO BE MISSED!

Overall, the stage, lighting, production and especially the cast with those cute characters and masks such as of Wolf, Donkey, Cat, Rooster, Fox, Dog, Sparrow and Goose are fantastic. However, we do feel that it might have created even more impact if there were 4 - 5 stories covered in total especially for the young kids to remember all this.   

Stories covered are:
1. The Musicians of Bremen
2. The Valiant Little Tailor
3. The Turnip
4. Rumpelstiltskin
5. The Fox and The Geese
6. Little Red Cap
7. Rapunzel
8. Lucky Hans
9. Hansel and Gretel
More information given below!
Grimm’s Fairy Tales
1 to 17 November 2013 (For 4 to 16 years and families)
Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building 

Based on Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm's classic collection of two hundred folk tales, I Theatre brings you magically transformed stories of Hansel and GretelRapunzelThe Valiant Little Tailor and Little Red Riding Hood and others into a full-scale Broadway-standard Musical that carefully interweaves energetic physical theatre, music, song and storytelling.

Kids and families will also be drawn into a magical world of talking and singing beasts, princesses and servants, magic and mystery, heroes and villains.

Tickets from Sistic (hotline: +65 6348 5555)

More information from:

T: +65 6341 5960

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