Monday, 25 November 2013

Review: Thinkertoyland (Speeding Kart)

Building, Construction, Imagination, Experimentation, Active Learning, Creativity, Variety, Movement and Colours, that's what you can associate Thinkertoyland with. 
As the name suggests, it is truly a toy boosting child's imagination and thinking skills. Not only it is fun and challenging to create, recreate and play with but also it creates awareness of real life objects and places such as windmills, gardens, parks, yards, karts, builders, merry-go-round etc. Based on durable plastic and foam pieces, this product is a perfect activity based toy for kids 3 years old and above. 

With 96 pieces of different shapes, sizes and material in the box, we tried and tested Thinkertoyland Speeding Kart with our 4 years old boy. 
It was indeed a good time out off the electronic gadgets especially over the weekend. Unlike other such toys like lego, it creates prototypes based on movements.
1. Easy to create, enhance and recreate
2. Environmental friendly as per US and European toy safety standards
3. Stimulates imagination, problem solving as well as motor skills 
4. Encourages involvement and bonding among family members & friends as well as classmates
5. Innovative and enhances hands on ability of a child 
6. Comes with clear instructions to build the basic models
7. Creates excitement as the child develops a moveable prototype
8. Comes in 16 different themes including Robot, Happy Zoo, Alice Yard, Dream Park, Super Chariot, Cool Summer, Robot Army, Racing Car, Funny Windmill, Tipper Truck, The Fairy Garden, Gears Time, Speeding Kart, City Builder, Gears Power and Wacky Windmill
1. 3-5 years old kids might need adult supervision and help in constructing a prototype as they might not be able to follow instructions and make it on their own which in a way is good too as it creates a fantastic parent-child bonding opportunity.
If your kids like creating toys with movements apart from building and construction then it is worth giving a try.

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